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ARTICLES (All include great photos! 100's of more articles on the site then listed here, just follow the links once you start on a page. If you get stuck, come back here and pick a new starting point! )

Cover Boy
Russell's magazine cover appearances.

GQ Cover story 3/99.
The interview, plus readers' reaction and our editorial.

Moveline 9/97

Russell: In Print Suddenly Hot / Fort Worth Star-Telegram 1999
At Home with His Range / LA Times 1999
Interview: "Australian Confidential" 1997

In Print Page 2

In Print Page 3
Sydney Morning Herald 1/2/00
Sun Herald 1/2/00
Who Magazine 11/99

In Print Page 4
Cinescape 1/00
Daily Telegraph, 1/27/00
Quantas 1/00
Neweekly 2/00
Who Magazine 2/00

In Print Page 5
Vogue Magazine 3/00

In Print Page 6
Entertainment Weekly Special Oscar Issue 3/00

In Print Page 7
London Evening Standard, March 3-9, 2000

In Print Page 8
London Sunday Times, March 5, 2000

In Print Page 9
Time Out London, March 1-8, 2000
London Free Press, 3/18/00

In Print Page 10
ABC-7's "Eyewitness News interview, 3/20/00

In Print Page 11
Associated Press 5/3/00
Ottawa Citizen 4/28/00
Almod÷var's American Diary 3/24/00
Women's Day 3/27/00

In Print Page 12
(Please note: page unavailable, see news page item 4/01)

In Print Page 13
The Face, interview with Russell.

In Print Page 14
The Heat Interview (1/01)
Hunkus Maximus (1/01)

In Print Page 15
Insides Out (The Age, 3/01)
Premiere Magazine (3/01)
Russell Crowe's Special Brand of Masculinity (NY Times, 3/01)

Press Conference
Los Angeles March 14, 2000

Flicks Magazine
May 2000

Talk Magazine
May 2000


Photo: Very special thanks to Tom W.
(London Evening Standard 3/00)

Russell at the BAFTAs
People Weekly
Entertainment Weekly
May 22, 2000 and January 4, 2002

Flaunt magazine
May 2000

In Print: France
Various articles from French magazines

USA Weekend January 4, 2002

In Print Page 29
London Times 2/2/02
Glamour 3/02

In Print Page 30
Radio Times 2/02

In Print
La Nacion (Argentina) 2/15/02

Cowboys and Indians
Cover story 6/02

Mad Magazine
(Australia) 2002

A Beautiful Mind (See ABM site map for links and updates)

Gladiator (See Gladiator site map for updates)
Various articles on the filming of Gladiator.

The Insider: Articles
The Insider: Reviews

Various articles and reviews, plus photos.

Mystery, Alaska
Various articles and photos.

Proof Of Life
Various articles.

30 Odd Foot of Grunts see TOFOG Site Map
forinterviews and press about the band.Photos

News Flash page
Various articles on Russell, his films, and rumored projects.

Russell Crowe

Photo thanks to Mika

LIVE interviews

The Live interviews -- Includes:Full transcript: Letterman show 9/29/99
Full transcript: ninemsn live online chat with Russell and Dean Cochran 9/24/98
Full Transcript: National Public Radio/ Fresh Air with Terry Gross L.A. Confidential interview with Russell and Curtis Hanson 9/97

The Big Breakfast.
Interview with Amanda Byram UK, February 22, 2001
(also Andrew Denton 3/26/01 || Big Screen 3/23/01 )

The Big Breakfast
With Mike McLean 2/20/02

Good Morning America
4/00 Full transcript and images

Larry King Live
January 17, 2002

Interview with Molly Meldrum.
Australian Network 10, August 24, 2000

Prime Time with Diane Sawyer
January, 2002

The Steve Wright Radio Show
February 27, 2002

Tonight Show With Jay Leno
4/00 Images and sound clips.

Tonight Show With Jay Leno
12/00 Full transcript and images.

Tonight Show With Jay Leno
8/01 Full transcript and images.

Tonight Show With Jay Leno
12/01 Full transcript and images

The Today Show
11/6/03 Full transcript and images.

Tonight Show With Jay Leno
12/01 Full transcript and images

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